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Fetal Monitor

The integrated Fetal Monitor feature empowers healthcare providers with immediate access to vital fetal parameters.


X-ray system with Medjacket (HIMS) software represents a monumental stride in modern healthcare.


Ventilator monitoring feature empowers healthcare providers with access to ventilator settings and patient parameters.

Arterial Blood Gas

The integrated ABG monitoring feature offers healthcare providers immediate access to a range of crucial blood tests.

Bio Chemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzer, represents a groundbreaking advancement in patient care and diagnostics.

12 Lead ECG

12 Lead ECG belt seamlessly integrates with the Medjacket software, amplifying its capabilities within healthcare framework.


Our Haemoglobin monitoring device with the MedJacket platform, enabling parallel result delivery for enhanced patient care.


The MedJacket Glucometer ensuring that glucose readings are promptly reflected in the patient’s health score.


A digital otoscope is a medical device equipped with a digital camera and light source designed to examine the ear canal.

Drip Flow

Drip Flow Meter into the Medjacket device marks a pioneering development in patient care and IV therapy management.

Gas Flow

Digital gas flow in patient care refers to the use of advanced technology to regulate and monitor the delivery of medical gases.

5 Lead ECG

A 5-lead, 3-channel ECG is a specialised medical device used to measure and record the electrical activity of the heart.


Thermometer into the Medjacket device is a groundbreaking advancement in patient monitoring technology.


SpO2 is a critical parameter in the assessment of a patient’s respiratory and cardiovascular health.


NIBP monitoring into the Medjacket device signifies a significant leap in remote patient care and health monitoring.

IR Thermometer

IR monitoring with the MedJacket platform, providing real-time temperature data for accurate patient assessment and care.