Ambulance Module

The Ambulance Module is a cutting-edge system designed to enhance emergency medical services through the integration of various technologies.

Software Modules

GPS Module
Patient Virtual View
Ambulance Devices List
Nearest Hospital Recommendation
Customized Reporting

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GPS Integration

  • The module incorporates GPS technology, allowing for real-time tracking of the ambulance’s location. Dispatchers and medical teams can monitor the precise position of the ambulance throughout its journey. This feature enables efficient navigation and helps in providing accurate arrival time estimates to the patient’s location.

Patient Virtual View

The module includes a camera integration system within the ambulance, providing a live visual feed of the patient’s condition to the medical team. This allows for immediate assessment and triage, enabling healthcare providers to prepare and allocate appropriate resources before arriving at the scene.

List of Devices Present in Ambulance

The module maintains a comprehensive inventory of all medical devices and equipment available in the ambulance. This feature ensures that the medical team is aware of the resources at their disposal, helping them make informed decisions about patient care.

Nearest Best Suit Hospital Recommendation

Utilizing advanced algorithms and real-time data, the module analyzes the patient’s condition and recommends the nearest and most suitable hospital for their specific needs. Factors such as the hospital’s specialty, available resources, and current patient load are taken into account to make this determination.