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Your health information securely in one place.

Portable point-of-care testing equipment for instant diagnostics, all in one device

Your health information securely in one place.

Real-time accurate diagnostic results instantly online

Your health information securely in one place.

Tele consultation, vital monitoring, patient records management, and connectivity to radiology centers, pathology centers, and pharmacies

Your health information securely in one place.

Hot swappable batteries for seamless power that provide backup for approximately 24-36 hours

Your health information securely in one place.

Connectivity features such as sim card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, cloud sync, and Radio Frequency Identification reader to facilitate inter-device connectivity

About Our Products

MedJacket is a portable tele-integrated point-of-care testing equipment that amalgamates the versatilit of multiple full-scale monitoring equipment. This mobile unit is specialised to monitor, relay and synchronise vital stats in real-time.

Bringing easy portability with accurate, reliable diagnostic and monitoring features, MedJacket aims to revolutionise patient care.

This state-of-the-art system combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver reliable point of care testing With a dedicated, custom interface and connectivity across essential monitoring devices, MedJacket is your one-stop solution for healthcare.

Multi-specialty hospitals, Primary Healthcare Centres, Homes, Ambulances,Intensive Care Units, Places of worship, places of visit such as Police Stations,Railway Stations, Public Transport, Educational institutions, etc., MedJacket isdesigned to fit right in everywhere.

Features of Our Products

Point-of-Care Testing

MedJacket is equipped with diagnostic devices, including glucometer, digital blood pressure monitor, drip flow monitor, oxygen flow meter, IR thermometer, ECG, and pulse oximeter. You can test the patient at their location and avail the comprehensive reports instantly on the device and MedJacket web.

Point-of-Care Monitoring

MedJacket is equipped with the night vision camera, speakers, and connectivity enabling the health professionals to interact with the patients virtually, while monitoring their vitals in real-time. Recorded physiological information, blood glucose assessment, and test records are available online for healthcare professionals with complete data security.

Telemedicine and Tele Health

MedJacket web’s dynamic telemedicine service facilitates instant security-compliant video consultation. Using tele medicine, you can prescribe medication, upload reports, and consult experts for a review or second opinion. All the data about the patient is available in one place. We assure doctor-patient confidentiality.


MedJacket can fit anywhere, be it ambulances, homes, ICUs, or healthcare centers in both rural and urban areas. When integrated with our web service, you get instant updates and access to the health records of your patient or family member anywhere. Best Part? We never compromise on data security.

Symptom to Diagnosis Tool

MedJacket web makes differential analysis easy and guides you systematically towards disease detection with the symptom-to-diagnostic tool. When diagnosing a patient you can match their symptom to the directory of diseases to differentially analyse the diagnosis with accuracy.

Data Transfer and Connectivity

MedJacket is equipped with a sim card for data transfer, Radio Frequency Identification reader, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee to facilitate inter-device connectivity. Patient and healthcare professionals are seamless connected anytime, anywhere.

GPS Tracking for Ambulance

MedJacket is equipped with GPS tracking facility to track and position the ambulance’s location during the transit. This enables the patient or caretaker to access the arrival time of the ambulance. In the event of difficult address location, caretaker can meet the ambulance at a strategic point to guide them to the patient’s location.

All medical reports in one place

MedJacket web complies medical reports form MedJacket devices, health care workers, hospitals, pathology centers, radiology centers, and nursing stations. These reports are stored and made available to individuals with different degree of access. These comprehensive reports help you with data management and easy healthcare services.

MedJacket Integration Demo

Products for all segments

MedJacket Pro

MedJacket Pro is a tele-integrated point-of-care testing device specifically for healthcare professionals. This multi-monitoring device consists of many testing equipment integrated through a powerful processor. MedJacket Pro can be used by doctors, rural medical practitioners, nurses, allied professionals, and primary healthcare center employees.

MedJacket web

MedJacket web is a cloud-based health care portal for both patients and medical practitioners. Both the MedJacket devices can be integrated with the MedJacket web to extend their functionalities for remote access. In MedJacket web, medical practitioners can remotely initiate tests and monitor patients who are provided with MedJacket devices, differentially diagnose patients using symptom to diagnosis tool, practice tele medicine and prescribe tests and medications.

MedJacket Home

MedJacket Home is a tele-integrated point-of-care testing device ideal for individuals who require constant, long-term care. The device integrated with MedJacket web provides 24/7 monitoring and feedback. This easy-to-carry device provides a range of vital healthcare services that you can utilize from the comfort of your home.