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Tele-Integrated Services


The spread of pandemic covid 19 warranted new tele medicine regulations across the globe. It necessitated record of patient- doctor interview and records of medications for feature reference. Remote medical services became a necessity during this period.

The MedJacket’s telemedicine facilitated medical practitioners to provide health care services to the patients remotely, regardless of physical distance, time, and other logistics. Registered medical professionals, rural medical practitioners, hospitals, and nurses can use security complaint video calling facility through MedJacket. Integration with the MedJacket web and MedJacket device allows them to interact with the patients virtually, while monitoring their health records and vitals in real time. They can prescribe medication, upload or download test and visit reports, access patient’s health records using telemedicine.

This virtual healthcare model reduces the need for clinicians to travel to remote, rural locations to provide consultation services. With telemedicine, nurses, rural health care professionals, and other care takers can contact specialists for detailed opinion. Our security-compliant video conferencing facility guarantees doctor-patient confidentiality.


Telehealth aims to facilitate health education, administration, and management. Telehealth integrates tele services into the education of medical professionals and practitioners. Tele services are also used to empower administrative, policy, and management related areas.

The MedJacket is designed to cover various aspects of telehealth with a primary focus on rural healthcare. Our telehealth modules not only comprise individual patient care, but also include administration and rural health management. The MedJacket also streamlines digital public health education by enabling online sessions.

Our telehealth covers:(not required)

  • Online Pathology reports receipt and analysis
  • Online Radiology reports receipt and analysis
  • Online Pharmacy integration
  • Online Specialist consultation
  • Online Electronic information sharing for training, reports, and consultation
  • Online Treatment through consultation, review, and management
  • Online Care Management
  • Online Assessment
  • Online Medical Education
  • Online Public Health Education
  • Administrative Meetings

The MedJacket Advantage (not required)​

  • Perfect for rural medical practitioners and primary healthcare centres
  • Remote medical consultation and diagnosis
  • High-res camera for crystal-clear video quality
  • Secure servers to access health information
  • Real-time integration with MedJacket ecosystem to monitor vitals
  • Access to additional Telehealth Services