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MedJacket Pro


MedJacket Pro is a tele-integrated point-of-care testing device specifically for healthcare professionals. This multi-monitoring device consists of various testing equipment integrated through a powerful processor. Doctors, rural medical practitioners, nurses, allied professionals, and primary healthcare center employees can use the MedJacket Pro.

When integrated with our cloud-based health care portal MedJacket web, you can monitor, test, and access all the patient records remotely. Our tele medicine service is powered with the symptom to diagnosis tool. You can use this tool to map patient’s symptoms with the directory of diseases and symptoms to perform a deferential analysis. Nursing station gives you live access to patient’s physiological parameters, video call facility, and task management tools. If you contact specialists for detailed diagnosis, then they can access all medical history and test records in one place.

MedJacket Pro seamlessly leverages technology to deliver the best collaborative medical experience for the patients and the medical practitioners. We also assure patient-doctor confidentiality and data security.

Built-in Point of Care Testing Features

Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen flow rate sensors constantly monitor the flow of oxygen levels to the patient. The caretaker is alerted in case of any deviation in oxygen levels .

Blood Pressure Monitor

The compact, fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor allows you to monitor the blood pressure and record the data in the MedJacket web.


A 3-lead ECG and 12-lead ECG units are embedded in the device. You can see the real-time readings and receive notifications on the irregular rhythm.  You use 3 lead ECG in ambulances, homes, and emergency facilities. You use 12 lead ECG is in the ICU environment.


The digital glucometer measures the blood glucose levels. You can connect the glucometer wired and wirelessly to the device. It has a test strip socket, analog processing circuitry, and micro controller unit to convert the analog data to digital.

Intraover Endoscope/Otoscope

The 5MP camera connects to the electronically switched USB hub to perform the endoscopy. When you select the object to be scanned, device displays the photographed images on the screen and saves a copy in the local database.

Hymoglobin Meter

The Hymoglobin Meter​ has the halogen light to distinctly identify tissue color. Disposable specula of different sizes are available with the device. You can magnify images with the movable optical glass viewfinder.

Pulse Oximeter

The compact pulse oximeter provides precise measurements of the oxygen concentration in the patient’s blood. Pulse rate is also calibrated and displayed on the MedJacket device screen and web at the same time.  

IR Thermometer

You can connect this infrared thermometer wired and wirelessly to the device. The device measures the forehead temperature at a distance by sensing the naturally emitted infrared heat. Readings are provided in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and relayed on MedJacket device and MedJacket web at the same time.

Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood gas : pH, pCO , pO , Hct. 2 2
Electrolytes : Na, K, iCa, Li, pH, Cl.
Metabolites : GLU, LAC.
Calculated Parameters : Hb, HCO , BE, BE-B, 
3BE-ECF, TCO , AG, AG(K), O Sat, O Ct, SBC.

Drip Flow Meter

Drip flow meter attached to the device shows the flow of drip attached to the patient.

Finger Print Sensor

Finger print sensors collect finger print impressions from the patient. These impressions are used for the quick identification of the patients’ records.

RFID reader

Radio Frequency Identification reader is inbuilt in the device to allow you establish the system security and authorized access.  The reader is enabled in the database and the MedJacket device allowing you to manage one point authorized access.

Night Vision Camera

The infra-red camera equipped with the sensors enables clear night-vision. You can monitor the patient 24/7. When integrated with the MedJacket web, the camera facilitates tele consultation and medicine.

Why MedJacket Pro

  • Main Unit: The device with a 7 inch screen is the main unit. It’s connected with all the testing units to display the output live.
  • Battery: Equipped with four battery bays that can house 4 battery units in each. In case of power failure the battery unit can function uninterrupted up to 24-36 hours. The future-ready hot swappable battery system allows the device to function on the power of just one battery while you swap the others out.
  • UI:The custom-designed user interface is accessible as dual screen. You can perform all the tasks such as enrolling patients, uploading and downloading medical records, accessing pathology files, and monitoring patient on the device.
  • Speakers: You can receive quick alerts and calls to action with the inbuilt speakers.
  • Weather Monitor: The device can monitor the weather of its location. This enable the medical practitioners predict conditions that could be influenced by the weather.
  • Carry Case: The ergonomically designed carry case optimizes space and ensures portability. Carry your ICU toolkit wherever you go with this simple, sleek case.

  • Data Transfer and Connectivity: MedJacket is Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth enabled to facilitate inter-device connectivity. Your sensitive health information is securely stored in the cloud service to ensure easy and safe access.

  • Silicon Keyboard: The unit contains a foldable, rollable silicon keyboard that can be used on the move. Simply unroll, connect, and type. This ergonomic keyboard is stored in a compact pouch while not in use.

  • GPS Tracking for Ambulance: MedJacket is equipped with a sim card for data transfer, Radio Frequency Identification reader, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee to facilitate inter-device connectivity.