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Medical Practitioners

Medical Practices

In MedJacket medical practices are facilitated by integrating MedJacket devices, test centers, pharmacies, nursing stations, and hospitals, with its cloud service MedJacket web. MedJacket web is enabled with electronic medical record management system, telemedicine, and real-time nursing station management.  Records of all the patients are stored in the MedJacket web for the access of authorized individuals and medical practitioners. Medical practitioners can practice telemedicine and tele health while accessing the records and viewing the real-time philological parameters of the patient. The real time physiological parameter readings of the patients are made available online by integrating outputs from the MedJacket devices with the web service. There are dedicated sections for patients, nursing station, and other users, each enabling multiple medical practices.


Doctors, clinicians, rural medical practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and authorized individuals can log in to MedJacket web portal with varying levels of authorization. The secure server ensures that individuals access only the information that is authorized to them. This ensures that patient information is confidential and safe.


User dashboard

Different users with multiple access criterions are added and managed in this section. When you register a user, you can decide the areas of access to make the data secure. In Users section you can enroll a new user, provide them with authorized access, and assign roles.


In the Patients dashboard, you can enroll patients, live monitor them, manage records, and manage patient visit related tasks. Patient visit section is highlighted with Symptoms to Diagnosis tool that helps to differentially analyze patient’s symptoms and diagnose the disease. Security complaint video calling facility enables you to contact specialists for a detailed diagnosis or second opinion. The video calls are secured and serves patient doctor confidentiality. All these are facilitated in one dashboard where you also can access patients’ pathology, radiology test records, medical history, and patients’ health score. Patient health score is calculated based on patient’s latest physiological readings.

Nursing station

Nursing Station is specified for managing tasks such as, adding a new patient to the nursing station for live monitoring, monitoring patient’s real-time physiological readings, and managing medication and diet related task. Here, you can monitor all your patients in one place and be alarmed about irregular rhythms in their physiological readings. When required, you can call the patient through the voice or video call facility.


My Practice establishes a smooth connection between the patient and their health team, making relevant health records accessible at the touch of a button. Not only does it serve as a patient management system, but it provides a quick, effective overview of health information in a way that is easy to interpret.


Rural Medical Practitioners (Not required)