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Electronic Medical Records

Medical records of individuals are electronically stored in the MedJacket cloud service – MedJacket web. You can access it through multiple devices if you have the authorization. Medical data of the individuals are compiled by integrating output from different sources. Sources that contribute data to medical report section are MedJacket device, hospitals, nursing stations, allied healthcare professionals, pathology test centers, and radiology test centers.

Nursing station and hospitals enter medical history of the patient including the diagnostic sheets, allergen information, previous medication, discharge summaries, and patients’ health score. The pathology and radiology centers upload prescribed test reports. Healthcare professionals provide the visit reports that they create when visiting each patient.

Having all the details in one place enable the team of healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive services to you and your family. This allows you to be in control of your health data – you can access it anywhere, anytime, and choose who gets to see it.


All medical records in on place

When visiting a patient or consulting a specialist, you have all the detailed reports of the patient in one place. Test reports, patient visit history, health scores, and similar reports paint a comprehensive picture of patient’s health.

Summarised Patient Health Score

Live updates from the MedJacket devices are compiled into patients’ health score. This score indicate the health status of the patient. It’s calculated on the basis of patients’ age and physiological information such as, body mass, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Higher the total health score worst is the patients’ condition. Zero score indicates the optimal health.

Comprehensive visit reports

Accessible Pathology and Radiology Test Reports

Online references

Accountability for attendance

Accountability for prescription

Accountability for dispensing

Instant support with Tele Health


Medical Books

Physiological measurements to monitor

Medicine Name and use

Your records

Allied Health


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